with OS

You have a great core business or idea. You excel at it. It is your expertise. As your business grows, new territories and unfamiliar landscapes are encountered. These can interrupt your focus and mission. How do you prevent these from happening? How do you seize the opportunity of this growth without compromising on quality? How do you expand without overextending?

Outsourcing with OS Solutions is the solution that transforms challenges into opportunities, enabling you to focus on your core business while capitalizing on an increasingly fluid marketplace. Unlike third-party contractors or freelancers, OS Solutions celebrates long-term partnerships. OS Solutions provides the upside of In-house service without any of the downside.

Outsized advantages

Outsourcing can save your business a lot of time, money and effort without you losing focus or productivity.

Technology, globalization, and unprecedented opportunity have resulted in more products being manufactured today than ever before. The more you can outsource collateral like data entry, spec sheets, catalogs, product imaging, and graphic designing, the more you can focus on creating great products.

Reduced costs

Through outsourcing to an offshore team, you are eliminating costs for Training, Setup, Vacations, unused time, insurance and more. When you work with OS Solutions, all of your setup and training is taken care of. We also cover holidays and sick days.

Scaling up is really easy

As your operation grows the workload grows and there is a lot to take into account.

  • Leasing a bigger space
  • Hiring more employees
  • Investing in more equipment, etc.
  • With OS Solutions, you are not paying for any of the above extra costs!

Free up internal resources

By sending your daily repetitive tasks to OS Solutions, you are showing your employees that they have more value by giving them more developing tasks and leaving the basic work for us.

Keep your business running
around the clock

OS Solutions operates 24/7 and we can help keep your customer service line and other tasks afloat while you sleep and relax.